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Diamond G Brand

Diamond G Brand delivers a diverse selection of items, catering to the requirements of all our customers. Our process, from the initial design stages to the final quality inspections, ensures that our products are dependable and outstanding. Our reputation in the industry as one of the most recognizable names is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Matallic Cat

About Diamond G Brand

For more than 35 years, Rod and Elaine Green of Diamond G Brand have been trusted names in the equine industry, specializing in designing and manufacturing an array of products. Their portfolio ranges from "Magnetic Therapy Products" to "Custom Windscreens" - all tailored with the utmost quality.

In addition to their prestigious product line, they are recognized for training the remarkable NCHA mare, "One Time Choice". This champion was later acquired by J5 Ranch, with Chubby Turner showing her to win over $290,000.

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